The Story Started

Tasneem Naturel began with the ordeal of this little child, Aufa Izzati Nisa, the youngest daughter of Mr. Rafizal Rafie and Mrs. Haridah Sahri, when she was seven months old, facing difficulties in sleeping and constantly crying. Various efforts were made by this couple, including seeking medical advice, consulting with an Ustaz (Islamic scholar), changing the child's name, and many more. With the permission of God, the sleep and behavioral issues faced by Aufa Izzati Nisa were finally overcome through the use of essential oils. Coincidentally, during that time, the founders were also facing financial crisis.

Thus, with the permission of God, the founders were determined to make the balm themselves at home, with an initial investment of RM1000 to purchase cooking equipment and essential oils. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), from that moment onwards, Tasneem Naturel's business began to flourish, up to the present day.


The Packaging

After receiving complaints from customers stating that many balm bottles were broken during delivery, the founders and her husband began visiting factories to find suitable boxes. However, with their finances still unstable, they could only afford to obtain empty boxes to be used as Tasneem Naturel balm packaging.

In the middle of 2017, after Tasneem Naturel balm received high demand from loyal customers, new attractive labels and boxes were produced to attract new customers to try Tasneem Naturel balm. In conjunction with Tasneem Naturel's first anniversary in November 2017, a special box containing four types of balm and a gift card was launched. Most notably, this box received a personal touch from the Founder herself, Mrs. Haridah Sahri.


The New Hero

In April 2018, a new product called Skeenz was introduced. Skeenz is designed to address issues with sensitive skin such as insect bites and rashes. Tasneem Naturel's Skeenz balm is also capable of soothing sensitive skin irritation and assisting babies and children experiencing problems like eczema, rashes, and itchiness.


The Collaboration

Tasneem collaborated with Omar & Hana in 2018. Partnering with a prominent name in the children's creative industry served as a stepping stone for Tasneem to advance and gain wider recognition. In conjunction with this collaboration, Tasneem Naturel introduced a limited edition packaging that became highly sought after by children.


The Baby Spa Set

The Baby Spa Set was released in 2019, consisting of three types of products: head to toe, lotion, and massage oil. New boxes and labels were introduced in mid-2019. These new boxes featured larger sizes with more attractive graphic designs, each depicting a baby's facial expression representing different types of Tasneem Naturel balm.


The Baby Range

A new range of baby products such as bath products, massage oil, sleep and insect spray, germ killer, lotion, organic bottle wash, and surface and toy cleaner were introduced in August 2019. The head to toe, lotion, and massage oil found in the Baby Spa Set have been improved in formulation and are now presented with new names: Calm Bath, Kalmy Lotion, and Resty Oil.


The New Killer Product

In February 2020, the natural baby oil, Stommy Oil, was launched. This baby oil became highly sought after due to its very affordable price and being produced by a local Muslim company.


The Bath Range

In September 2021, three products were simultaneously launched: Susu Kambing Aufa, Bubbly baby bath, and Purfy wet wipes. The Aufa milk range consists of Aufa Gold for the whole family and Aufa Mama for mothers. Bubbly baby bath comes in three fragrances: Lemon & Eucalyptus, Rose Lavender, and Baby Blossom. Purfy wet wipes are available in four fragrances: Lavender, Rose, Cherry Blossom, and Sea Breeze.