Once opened, lasts until one year. 2 years if still unopened.

Yes, it is. The ingredients are formulated to help in treating sinus.

Tasneem Naturel Balms are formulated with essential oils. We only use natural ingredients. Effectiveness rate depends on the body’s reaction towards the ingredients too.

You can store it in room temperature room.

Our balms are not sleeping pills. They have no dangerous ingredients that may bring harm to the users. They are formulated with essential oils that are functioned to give healing effect, relaxing the nerves, stabilizes hormones. Hence, the users can get to sleep easier, sleep well throughout the night and wake up happily.

Fret not, those are the effects after CF Rub balm application. CF Rub contains Eucalyptus Oil that helps to dilute mucus. Vomiting and watery flu are the ways of the body reacts to excrete the mucus.

Our Sleep Time balm contains Cedar wood Oil. Cedar wood Oil helps to reduce stress by stimulating the production of serotonin, and it can also elevate your mood. The oil ensure those two are stable. As for kids with sleeping trouble, these two hormones are usually unstable. We highly recommend you to apply the balm thinly to avoid the other hormone, which is the hormone to elevate mood increases hence makes them become more active.

Yes, you can. For balm with the same area of applications, you may apply either one.

Balm is 8 gram, balm + container 80 gram. Once used, the balm can lasts up to 2 months with frequent application.

Yes, they can. The essential oils in our products have been diluted with carrier oil, almond oil. We also received good feedback from our existing customers who are on confinement period too.

Yes, they can. Our ingredients are proven safe.

For babies with eczema, we strongly recommend you to conduct patch test on their skin first. You may first apply the balm on their forearm. Kindly wait for any reactions occurred within 24 hour. The body reactions is different for each baby. Some balms contain almond oil thus, not suitable with babies who are sensitive with almond oil. There are eczematic babies who are okay with our products..

Yes, we do. Sleep Time: NOT 180903344 K Calm Time: NOT 180903431 K CF Rub: NOT 180903457 K T Rub: NOT 180903474 K Skeenz: NOT 180903466 K Lotion: NOT 190203348 K Head to Toe: NOT 190203327 K Massage Oil: NOT 190203332 K

Yes they can. Our ingredients are safe for pregnant women and brings no harm for the baby.

We strongly DISCOURAGED premature babies (37 weeks and below) to use our balms. We are worried that the baby’s heart is not fully developed and might bring unknown effects to the babies.

Our balms are suitable for all range of age.